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5800 XM mini-review !

Here we go again… 😉

we start 2009 with a mini-review of the new Touchphone NOKIA 5800 XM !

If you remember this post

i was really disappointed…maybe this time is different…?

Let’s see… 🙂

I’ve played with the BLUE version

As you seen in my others “mini-review”,

I’ll not stay here to talk about the (high) performance and (rich) package contenents,

i prefer to discuss about BUILD QUALITY,and other features…

The model seems well built…

Front side is pretty,but i don’t like the three buttons below…CHEAPY LOOK… 😦

Back is nice…but the camera lens in NOT covered…a pity!

borders and sides are glossy…quite elegant ! 😉

Screen is one of the best i’ve ever seen,BIG,BRIGHT…you’ve to see it…!

TOUCH is very sensible! 🙂  (better than samsung i900 omnia)!

Software is quite fast,but sometimes you’ve to TAP 2 times for open some APPLICATIONS…

Firmware version is the first: v10…. New version v11…. is already avilabile….

hoping they solve some YOUTH ISSUES…!

Dimensions are well balanced…very similar to N82…

i’ve put it near “THE BIG” SAMSUNG INNOV8 i8510,and there’s not evident differences…strange right?

Maybe INNOV8 is not so big… 😉

Try to go in a shop and COMPARE THEM,you’ll be surprised…!!!

Today 5800XM is priced at 429 eur (390 in NOKIA web shop),that’s far from the original price (279 eur+taxes) FINNISH company claimed 2 october at official presentation in London…


I were pleased to play with this model today…and had nice impressions (finally) 🙂


With 399 eur you can buy INNOV8 and OMNIA,probably a better bargain… 😉

Priced at 300 eur, i’ll consider to buy one ! 🙂

HAPPY 2009,



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