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OMNIA HD i8910 3 years TRIBUTE !!! :D

Well,there’s a lot of thing to say about this INCREDIBLE SMARTPHONE…

Just think i’ve still with me after 3 years..a RECORD for me..

You know im a NOKIAMAN,all this time with a SAMSUNG is pretty strange..isn’t it??

Thousends of PICTURES,mp3 listening,FM radio recording,Games,and hundreds of HD VIDEO are stored in my home and in my memory…
Never a problem!
Reception,GPS,incredible BATTERY…
And a lot of CUSTOM ROMS changed..
Now you can understand why is STILL with me… 😉

To be honest i’ve tought many times to “UPDATE” my main phone,
testing a lot of new phones,for example:
Xperia,Lumia,Apple etc,but STILL not worth to SWITCH..

Maybe i will change my mind soon,and i’ll UPGRADE before the end of the year..
there’s only 3 phones,i could value:
1) NOKIA 808 PUREVIEW (RED version)
2) NOKIA Lumia 920

Still not conviced at all…
We’ll see… 😉

Thats all for now,let’s made a BIG APPLAUSE to the
LEGENDARY OMNIA HD aka i8910 !!! 😀

Clap,clap,clap 😀


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