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3+ months,no posting…

2) Nothing new…
3) what’s next ???

Just some things to say..
My OMNIA HD is still with me.. 🙂
Latests months,work no good,worst year to date…. 😦
Today nice launch as always,then 45 min TV watching STARW WARS (final episode) at BRO home…
then gone to SVE to bring some “packets”,popntell is gone far,so svi try approach,i was COLD but bj+litl touc happen…
later talked with momy quite happy but sad… ;( then st the phon svi said sorry for the behaiviur then ask if i’ve “another”..i’ve explained what is the REAL thing…(as always MISUNDESTOOD) i’m not a switch ON-OFF..if i were like some other guy,i ve already found someone to FCK..i’m tranque..but i’cant be warm 1 time a year just becouse Naza is far from homm..months are passed,for sure i’m cold… 😦
Simply is not right..all the situation,svi told “understand”,but i guess is not that “EASY”… :/
BTW,MERRY CHRISTMAS to MY FAMILY and all the people loves me!!!
IMAGING KING (with GLASSES relax for PC…yes another NEWS of these latests days.. :D)
xmas glas


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