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Disappointeddddd… :(

1st post of 2013,long time isnt it?
Title explain well…NOT A NEWS at all… 😦

After all there’s always “good” inside us and thinking to people you care,
is always a SURPRISE to see some and SAME strange BEHAVIOUR…
2 weeks ago a mid finger then day after ask for cut hayr then im gone (saturday..bad me?)

then this days…
After a B-DAY,present (rose+eur 3,00 for new mobilez),saturday i was ouside salon,waiting (long…),
talking with a stupid little girl she know well…JEALOUS?YESSS…
When we back to her home,no word and a disgusted face…i ask if ther’s problems o dont stay “well”…
answer:NO…(and silence)

wekkend nothing as always,yesterday svigo to son school whitout informed me(lecit is not my BUSINNESS),
and today?
I saw svi at 19.00 outside my shop IN BICICLE…(OMG) with the newspaper and a face of someone dont wanna lose time…
seems she put the newspaper inside my mailbox then when i move towards the door she give npaper to my hand,then i say i ve to go back to lesson,and svi is gon with this NEW WHITE BYCICLE… 😦
I remain without words and feel myself so disappointes like someone with stomach problems… 😦
I told this to mom and she goes “hands down”…that’s says all…!!! 😦

EART VIOLA-500x500 - Copia

there’s 2 things to say:
1) I’m worried
2) I feel this MOVE,as a definitive goodbye!

God protect and bless you…

See ya



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