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A Long day…

A Long Day…

Yes…but now seems all turning out very well!
Many things had happens in these months…GM ANGELA fly in paradise…we’ll love you forever and EVER…!!!
As always i’m LATE to UPDATE…
BTW,back to the title post,
today we have solved (finger crossed),a (common)problem to eye (left CATRACTS),
thanks to the very nice prof AlleG…
It WAS NOT easy…expecially the “PREPARATION”…long,stress,etc 😦
But as i said,now we feel LIGHTER…
All i can say: SHE IS A MYTH…a VIKING !!! 😀

Of course my HEAD goes bad,but now i feel better…
Hey still 808 to be my main phone…we’ll see… 😉

That’s all for now,i will try to update more frequently my lovely page…

The Imaging King


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