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Lumia 800 Review-Test

December 11, 2011

Hello! I’m here today to write a quick-review of the very much “advertized” LUMIA 800,aka SEARAY,aka the first Win-mobile phone from finnish manifacturer! Phone itself is very simple but well designed,it’s a copy of N9… materials camera etc… We miss the NFC chip and a front camera… 😦 But GAIN a DEDICATED “camera” button.. 🙂 […]

OMNIA HD vs N97 vs N82…

September 20, 2009

WARNING! BEFORE YOU CONTINUE READING, Know that: This test is based purely on my personal impressions of use and multimedia capability of 3 Products … no stay to list the features well-known and easily traceable on their official websites! OMNIA HD N97 N82 Meaning: the FULL TOUCH The QWERTY TOUCH CLASSIC CandyBar (still in the […]


June 18, 2009

today 17-06-09 (now is midnight), i’ve played with the NEW N97 (flagship) Here’s my impressions: Good evening, As someone remember ‘, I had already’ put my hands-on (a couple of months ago), a prototype (with the February firmware) of N97 (and thus, I take the opportunity to thank “STARS” … she will understand …), Coming […]

5800 XM mini-review !

January 3, 2009

Here we go again… 😉 we start 2009 with a mini-review of the new Touchphone NOKIA 5800 XM ! If you remember this post i was really disappointed…maybe this time is different…? Let’s see… 🙂 I’ve played with the BLUE version As you seen in my others “mini-review”, I’ll not stay here to talk […]

XPERIA x1,innov8,omnia and more…(PREVIEW)!

November 23, 2008

Today (22-11) i’ve used some of the new “most rumored” HIGH-END devices: S.E XPERIA X1 SAMSUNG INNOV8 SAMSUNG i900 OMNIA (just for comparison) + a low-mid end Sonyericsson,the F305 ! Today i’ll talk about design and build quality…no need to explain functionality of them…! 😉 Well XPERIA X1 is really nice! Steel grey is way […]


October 18, 2008

Long time i’ve not updated my blog…sorry! Today i’ve played with 2 of the newest and very discussed,Nseries,N85 and N96, and “TRUST ME”,what a big disappointment…especially from N85 !!! Let’s’ start with my impressions: N85: Nice features,good camera,but NO MORE… The “much discussed” OLED display,doesn’t differ much from the beautiful screen seen on its PREDECESSOR […]

I900 OMNIA mini-review !

July 19, 2008

today i,ve played with a retail version… here’s my impressions and sample pictures… 😉 Package: Italian retail version seems quite poor… CD’s,usb cable,earphones 2.5,charger and NO Carrying Case… 😦 Design: front part doesn’t impress me much…too IPHONish!(3G version was half meter distant…),also a quite good FINGER MAGNET…! Backside is elegant,brushed style,very pleasant ! Build quality: […]