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see the truth…

November 4, 2014

Almost 1 year is passed… Finally here to update my blog… Today i saw SWI with other…wow that was surprising? or maybe not? BTW nothing so important..just the surprise factor!! The rest is pretty good,808 is still here as my primary phone!! 🙂 cheers JOE Advertisements

Disappointeddddd… :(

April 10, 2013

1st post of 2013,long time isnt it? Title explain well…NOT A NEWS at all… 😦 After all there’s always “good” inside us and thinking to people you care, is always a SURPRISE to see some and SAME strange BEHAVIOUR… 2 weeks ago a mid finger then day after ask for cut hayr then im gone […]

OMNIA HD i8910 3 years TRIBUTE !!! :D

September 19, 2012

Well,there’s a lot of thing to say about this INCREDIBLE SMARTPHONE… Just think i’ve still with me after 3 years..a RECORD for me.. You know im a NOKIAMAN,all this time with a SAMSUNG is pretty strange..isn’t it?? Thousends of PICTURES,mp3 listening,FM radio recording,Games,and hundreds of HD VIDEO are stored in my home and in my […]

Happy B-Day DAD !!! :D

August 27, 2012

A very Happy B-Day DADDY !!! 😀 I wish “all the best” to you and your FAMILY… Nothing more say… 😉 Cheers, JOE

Very Nice Day! + sve big update…

July 15, 2012

A less hot and windy day..perfect! Poool+down ground portable tv+relax with fam=very nice! 😉 Big sve update: 7-7 : dinner+b.j 11-7:same+1 f.k lot talk”lucid”… 13-7:same as 7-7 today 15/7 almost Dsappear spendtime or maybe not in future!?! Don’t feel good in a new(4me)”VERSION”… Time will tell… 2 aug i leave with bro (same as last […]

St Peter and PAUL…!!! :D

June 29, 2012

In this very special SAINT DAY, I wanna wish all the BEST to PAOLO (and aunt PAOLA)!!! We love you… All the best, JOE 😉

75 !!! AMAZING !!! :D

May 7, 2012

WOW !!! 75 !!!!! All the best “CARL” 🙂 I wish you only good things forever and ever… GOD BLESS YOU and YOUR FAMILY !!! 🙂 A rainbow for you !!! KISSES, JOE & FAMILY

1 time, i agree…

January 21, 2012

I’ve gone,but stopped,do you need something? BLA,BLA,then later(18:00) we meet to MC and, Go to supermarket…helping with “weights”… give 5L oil…(promised) then? Tel: bla,bla…not so good word i’ve heard,but… MISUNDERSTANDINGS..etc.. sve told,better don’t help..well..I AGREE !! i know sve,still sad..(i’m really sorry for that) 😦 BTW,seems that wasn’t a good idea.. understood (and said) that […]

She “GAVE UP” ???

January 14, 2012

Or call it “surrender”? Maybe… Some words to underlines: i’ve to giveUP,to go on etc etc.. If you RETHINK i’ll be here..FOR NOW.. ( FOR NOW ???) oh yes..i can understand..of course..! You’ll miss me…i’m sure of that.. HEY,MAYBE YOU’RE RIGHT…or maybe NOT… Really,i don’t wanna seems “BAD”… i know what i FELT…in good and […]

GO TO S H I T ? to me…???

November 5, 2011

Discussions at phone… trying to EXPLAIN “REALITY”…(lose time as always) then? GO TO….XXXX !!! WHATTTT???? cut the call at phone then receive many recall… my answer was pretty BAD… then? Try to clarify BUT…FOLKS…IT’S DEFINETLY OVER! NO RESPECT ! Nothing more… It’s this a sort of an ANNIVERSARY…? “5” ? 😦 really sorry and very […]